Consider the work of Calvary. It was a perfect work, perfect in every respect, perfect in every aspect. When Jesus uttered those words, “It Is Finished,” He was telling us that the work on the cross was “perfectly perfect, and completely complete.” But do we really understand what it really meant?

For many years, I have wanted to write a modern hymn that helps describe the Divine Exchange that took place when Jesus died on the cross. According to Old Testament law, the penalty for sin was death. We deserved to die because of our sins, but Jesus gave His life on the cross and died in our place, taking our sin, our shame, our sickness, our loneliness, our guilt, our poverty, so that we could have life, and have it more abundantly.

Isaiah 53:4-6 gives us a picture of what happened on the cross. Jesus was bruised and beaten beyond recognition. When I saw the movie, The Passion of The Christ, I had to look away at some of the scenes because they were so graphic. Yet Jesus went through this because of His love for us, even though we were quite unlovable people. Verse 6 says, “all we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”

I have been reading a wonderful book by Derek Prince, The Divine Exchange: Ten Things Jesus Accomplished On The Cross.
Derek explains;

“The word avon not only means guilt but it means the punishment for guilt… So that God not only laid on Jesus the guilt of us all—now listen, this is vitally important—but he laid upon him the punishment for the guilt of us all…”

“Now that’s very important because it’s the key to understanding what happened when Jesus died on the cross. God the Father made to meet together upon him the guilt, the perversity, the rebellion of all of us and all the evil consequences that follow rebellion…”

“If you can once grasp that, that’s the key to the storehouse. Everything you need is contained in that revelation…Let me say it this way: What happened on the cross was a divinely ordained exchange. Think of that key word ‘exchange.’ All the evil due to our rebellion met together upon Jesus. That’s the left hand. The right hand is the opposite. That all the good due to the sinless obedience of Jesus might be made available to us… It’s contrary to our n

atural thinking; we wouldn’t reason it out that way. All the evil due to our rebellion came upon Jesus on the cross that all the good due to his sinless obedience might be made available to us. Or, to say it very shortly, the evil came upon Jesus that the good might be made available to us…”

“Now I want to change one word. Instead of saying “us” say “me.” Now it’s very personal, it’s just you and God. You’re looking up at the cross, you see his body beaten, bleeding, a horrifying spectacle, something that you don’t really want even to look at or think about. And then you say this. ‘The evil due to me came upon Jesus that the good due to Jesus might be made available to me.’ That’s right. You have to make it personal. Let’s look at some aspects of the exchange. I’ve listed ten. I don’t want you to imagine for a moment that it’s complete. It’s just a start.

1. Jesus was punished that we might be forgiven

2. Jesus was wounded that we might be healed

3. Jesus was made sin with our sinfulness, that we might be made righteous with His righteousness

4. Jesus tasted death for us that we might share His life

5. Jesus was made a curse that we might receive the blessing

6. Jesus endured our poverty that we might share His abundance

7. Jesus bore our shame that we might share His glory

8. Jesus endured my rejection that I might have His acceptance with the Father

9. He was cut off that we might be joined to the Lord

10. Our Old Man was put to death in Him that the New Man might come to life in us”

There’s no way I could properly address this amazing truth in just a few verses of a hymn, but my prayer is that as you listen,

08 – Divine Exchange

you will get a better understanding of the “Divine Exchange.”

For His Glory,


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